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A Son Builds on His Father’s Architectural Legacy

When architect Anthony Belluschi took on the restoration of a midcentury modern house in the West Hills of Portland, Oregon, he had big architectural shoes to fill — his father’s. Internationally known architect Pietro Belluschi had built the native wood and glass home in 1948 for a client.

Years later the architect returned from the East Coast, where he’d been dean of MIT’s School of Architecture, to buy the house he designed. He lived in it from 1973 until his death in 1994.

More recently, Anthony — himself a successful architect — rebuilt the teahouse on the property as a small guest studio to live in while his mother’s caregivers used a bedroom in the main house. After his mother died, Belluschi and his brother inherited the house, which had seen few repairs in its six decades. Instead of tearing down the structure, as some suggested, Belluschi moved into the tiny guesthouse and took on a major renovation, enlarging the main residence by more than 700 square feet.

The alterations so improved on his father’s original vision that in 2013, Belluschi received a DeMuro Award from the historic preservation organization Restore Oregon, given for “extraordinary historic rehabilitation projects.”