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December 2, 2020
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January 21, 2021
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ARKIHAUS, the passive house and the costs of use.

A passive house or passive habitat is a type of house in which the build techniques are used with the aim of achieving energy efficiency much higher than traditional construction. It is a construction with a very low energy consumption, offering a comfortable room temperature throughout the year without the application of conventional heating, thus avoiding the economic cost of using the home and its respective carbon footprint by electricity consumption, which can represent up to 75% of the carbon footprint of an average house.

The passive house concept became popular in architecture schools in the early 1980s when the book The Passive House: Climate and Energy Saving was published by the United States Institute of Architecture.

Passive houses minimize the use of conventional heating and cooling systems, by taking advantage of the climate, light and radiation conditions of the area where they are built, in addition to a very high thermal insulation. Unlike other types of sustainable buildings, these not only do not pollute the environment, but are homes that seek to minimize energy consumption for comfortable use of the home.

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Arkihaus INNOVA model

As is the case with ARKIHAUS houses and the build system that we recommend to our clients (monolithic structural panels formed by an insulating EPS core and high-resistance steel meshes), and the fundamental principle of this build technique is insulation. As a complement, panoramic glass windows and doors (with double or triple layer options) are essential to avoid heat loss in cold climates or coolness in hot climates.

ARKIHAUS homes have insulation values much higher than those achieved by conventional houses, to achieve high energy efficiency, regardless of whether it is built in hot or cold climates. The specifications that we use for design and construction seek thermal efficiency, ecologically speaking, for this purpose our homes have superior insulation on floors, walls and ceilings. The foundation walls and slabs also have high insulation from the walls of the living space. All this in order to have a positive impact on the rational use of energy at home, a low environmental impact and low economic cost in the use of the home.

Windows with high thermal efficiency, one of the options of Arkihaus homes

At ARKIHAUS we believe that the basis of any environmentally conscious design that is intended to be effective is an adequate response to the inconveniences and advantages of the climate of the home construction site. If this is not taken into account, then unfortunately one must use conventional methods to make the living space habitable, use mechanical thermal conditioning systems (heating and air conditioning), with energy consumption and gas emissions greenhouse effect that this implies.

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