Sustainable architecture Is it important? It is expensive?
February 17, 2021
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Key elements to take into account for your ARKIHAUS eco-smart home will not expensive

When building your new ARKIHAUS home, a sustainable high-performance home, taking into account the details that we will explain below will save you time, money and stress, while ensuring the best possible choice of favorable elements for your project.

An ARKIHAUS ecological house, energy efficient, does not cost more than a house built with conventional techniques, it costs less if you take into account important factors that we will analyze below.

What to take into account to achieve a luxury home at a low cost?

The first thing is to have an initial maximum budget comfort zone for the build of your new ARKIHAUS sustainable home, as a starting point. Then get an idea of the costs of the land, and the specific construction areas for your project. In the case of ARKIHAUS, obtaining some approximate budget for the build of your future house is very easy. Based on obtaining a realistic gross budget you will be able to assess the feasibility of your project first, before entering into detailed discussions. Being clear that you can tackle the project will help you plan and avoid starting without being clear if you have the budget preparation. The most expensive build project is the one that is not finished.

In the case of ARKIHAUS homes, it is very easy to know in 5 minutes the cost of your project, in order of magnitude. You must be clear about your needs (number of rooms and common areas desired), if you want a one-story house, like Innova y Smart+a models, or a two-story house, like the model Advantage. After being clear about these elements, fill out the form by clicking here and we will immediately contact you to communicate the approximate cost of your project. This base quote will serve as a reference for you to evaluate if you continue to the next step, which is to define the specific details of your project.

That cost that we will give you, which is the base cost. Part of the following premises:

  • The base price includes: The construction in 6 months of your ARKIHAUS Eco-Intelligent home (does not include land), social area of height and half or double height (depending on the model) that integrate the living room, dining room and kitchen, social bathroom, study with a view, laundry room, service bedroom with service bathroom (in Innova and Advantage models), master bedroom with bathroom and walking closed room, bedrooms with private bathroom (depending on configuration), lingerie closets, deck integrated into the social area, barbecue integrated into the deck, fireplace integrated into the social area. (Conditioned to the temperature of the land site and the client’s desire), parking for 2 cars and storage.
  • We are assumed that the land to build your house has the ideal technical conditions: That it allows the foundations of the future house to be up to 1 m deep. Yes … unfortunately there are lands that look very nice on the surface, but require expensive foundations … the client ends up investing more money underground than on the surface.
  • We are assumed that the original designs of our models are respected: Our construction technology is very flexible, that means that our base models adapt to your desires, terrain topology, specific circumstances, etc. But each variation can have budget implications. Never underestimate the budget implications of your ideas and wishes. We recommend that you analyze our base models in detail, since they are very well studied to guarantee optimal spaces, ergonomics, and luxury at a very low cost.
  • The luxury finishes for the base price are the standard ones: All our houses are luxurious in their finishes, but remember that we allow that on the standard finishes of our houses you can upgrade to Premium finishes and Deluxe finishes. Do not underestimate the costs of these finishes, since 70% of the final cost of your project is in finishes. However, do not worry, you will be adequately advised in relation to the price implications of the finishes you select for your project.
  • The base price does not include the optional kits: Additional equipment kits are not included in the base price, however, you can purchase them later. These additional kits are: home automation kit level 1, 2 or 3, solar energy kit, rainwater and gray water recycling kit, heated floors kit, extended deck, water fountain at the main entrance, swimming pool, jacuzzi , roof for parking, architectural lighting design and landscaping design in green areas.

In summary.

The selection of your project land is probably the most important element in ensuring conservative costs for your project. It is for this reason that we offer to help you find the ideal land for your project. For this purpose, ARKIHAUS has as an ally the company Keller Willians Colombia, probably the most serious company and leader in the real estate market in Colombia.

Respect for the original ARKIHAUS models is another point of importance, they are designs designed to achieve luxury homes at an affordable price and in which costs have been optimized to achieve it. Varying these designs will always be an option, and as a service company we are always ready to assist you in whatever you want, however it is inevitable that any change may have important implications in the final cost of your project.

For any additional information contact us here.