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Do you need financing?

We have strategic alliances with the main banks in the country for processing of your construction credit of your ARKIHAUS house.
Increase your assets and secure your family future with the processing of your construction credit, which will help you obtain the money needed to build your ARKIHAUS house. Our team of experts accompany and advise you throughout the process to obtain construction credit.
Construction credits finance up to 80% of the value of the construction of your ARKIHAUS house.
Learn the steps to acquire the construction credit of your ARKIHAUS house.

Step 1:

When you want to build a ARKIHAUS house on credit, our consultants will help you document your case with our partner bank to request the Construction Credit.

Step 2:

An expert from the partner bank will visit the land to evaluate the construction budget, the approved plans and the construction license, know the land and define the value of the loan to be requested.

Step 3:

The partner bank studies the loan application. If the credit is approved, the approval letter will be delivered. When the partner bank makes loans for the lot, the collected information by the expert on the first visit is used for the authorization of disbursement of the value corresponding to the lot.

Step 4:

The partner bank makes a second visit, which aims to certify, at least, a 15% progress in the construction work to make the first money delivery (50% of the total approved).

Step 5:

The partner bank on the third visit approves the second installment. The disbursement of the remaining 50% is made with a minimum of 60% progress of the construction work.

Step 6:

The partner bank on the fourth and last visit verifies the completion of the construction work and confirms that the money borrowed was invested in the established purpose.

Step 7:

The partner bank, once the construction of your ARKIHAUS house is finished, transforms the construction credit granted into a long-term mortgage loan, using its new property as collateral.

In addition to the opportunity to build your home, the construction credit also offers other benefits:
- If you are salaried, it helps you reduce the taxable base for the calculation of withholding at source for interest payments.
- The payments decrease the taxable withholding base at the source and are income not constituting rent or occasional gain.
- Free credit study.
- Personalized advice by specialists.
- To calculate the minimum income to access the credit, the sum of family income can be taken into account.
Our goal is to offer excellent service, transparency and support throughout the process. Our philosophy is based on committing ourselves to conserve, protect, strengthen and revalue your investment and effort.