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November 3, 2020
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December 2, 2020
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Guide to selecting a land for your ARKIHAUS home.

I like ARKIHAUS Eco-Smart houses, but I have to buy land! Surely it is not an easy task to find a land that meets all these ideal characteristics to make your ARKIHAUS home, but it deserves a special effort to achieve it, it is something that you will appreciate in the future. Choosing the correct land is a very important process and closely linked to the quality of the final project that you will enjoy as a home. Trust us, it is worth the effort.

ARKIHAUS houses can be built on all types of lot, however, this versatility should not be assumed lightly, since the costs of the foundations of your future ARKIHAUS home are not the same in all types of land and their costs neither. It is for this reason that it is our obligation to inform you that the selection of the ideal land is very important to safeguard the construction budget of your project.

Remember that at ARKIHAUS we can help you find the land that meets your family and budget requirements, and also has the ideal technical conditions for the construction of your ARKIHAUS house. We will be happy to help and advise you from the first moment.

Below we will summarize the elements to take into account for the selection of your ideal land to build your ARKIHAUS home.

Elements to take into account


The first thing, before considering other more complex variables to evaluate is SAFETY. While it is true that security is a variable that can change over time, there are variables that help this variable to become acceptably stable. In general, consolidated urban developments, with services, the presence of security provided by the municipal authorities, the availability of companies that offer private security services in the area, the presence of neighbors who can form a community with us are elements to be evaluated when deciding the ideal place where our land will be located.

Construction permits and regulations that affect the land.

Buildable lands are affected by urban regulations drawn up by the authorities responsible for the development of a geographic region.

The regulations determine what can be built on the land. To obtain information in this regard, it is best, before making the purchase of the land, go to the corresponding mayor’s office to inform us about the possibilities offered by the land in which we are interested.

For example, the criterion cannot be the size of the lot to determine if we can make an ARKIHAUS home in it, since it can be misleading, so we must always relate it to the applicable urban regulations. A large plot is not always linked to the possibility of building a very large house, it depends on what the ordinance that affects our lot establishes. Another situation that can occur is that the lot is affected by some type of rule, which would limit our options when building and taking advantage of the entire surface.

On a first visit, to get a rough idea of ​​the possibilities of the lot, it is best to take a look at the homes or other nearby buildings that surround it. Very likely they will be subject to the same urban regulations and will serve as a guide on what house we can build there.

In any case, it is important that you know that you have our help to simplify your life, we will evaluating all these aspects.

Accessibility and infrastructure

Although it is often difficult to achieve everything at once, ensuring that our land has the necessary supply networks to provision our home in advance is decisive for the viability of the project. We refer to the supply of water, electricity and the possibility of connection to a sewage network.

On the other hand, an accessible and well-connected land will facilitate construction work and reduce costs associated with transporting materials and other supplies. It is also important to investigate and find out about future urban infrastructure projects (or any other type) that may affect your future land or its surroundings.

The accessibility to it through some type of public transport and its proximity to facilities such as schools, shopping centers, sports facilities, etc. It will make our day to day easier and reduce our transportation and maintenance costs.

Land´s technical characteristics

This is one of the factors that will most affect the future construction of our ARKIHAUS home. We must inform ourselves as much as possible about the type of land: composition, possible areas of old landfills, aquifers or streams, etc. A good option is that, before the purchase, we ask a geologist to do a “preliminary study” of the lot. This study is not expensive and will help us avoid the worst soils, such as those formed by landfills (rubble, earthworks, etc.) or organic material.

The best soils for the construction of a house are those that are cohesive, hard and resistant (rocky, granular and clayey soils). An example is the rocky terrain, in which stone abounds and, being so resistant, will allow our home to be sustained by economic foundations.

On the other hand, knowing the height of the water table and even its evolution in recent years is equally important and will help us to understand the behavior of the land in the rainiest seasons. This information will also be provided to you by the geological “preliminary study”.

Ideally, and when we are already determined to buy a lot, we suggest investing in a geotechnical study of the land that interests us. And if we can have it before even making the purchase, the better.

One last point to take into account when evaluating the land is its slope. Sloping land is interesting in terms of water drainage and better sunlight and ventilation of your ARKIHAUS home, but building on them is usually more expensive than on flat land, which will give us more freedom in construction and configuration of the different accessories that we want to introduce into our home. These costs are usually not taken into account when acquiring a land and in some cases, if the slope is very steep, they can be fatal for our project, due to the cost involved in adapting a sloping lot to build your home.

How much budget to allocate to the land and how much to the house?

Although it is not a written standard, the statistical recommendation indicates that it should be between 30% and 50% of the total project budget. There are people who prefer to invest more than this proportion in the land because they like it a lot, it is close to the sea, it has very good views or other characteristics considered special.

The budget is, along with time, one of the biggest concerns of those who buy a building land.

You count on us!

At ARKIHAUS we have developed a technology that allows us to avoid variations in the total cost of the project and delays in construction times.

If you want to own an ARKIHAUS home but do not have a land to build it on, our team of real estate experts will help you get and manage the purchase of the land for build your project. Just tell us your geographic preferences for the construction of your project and we will take care of the rest.