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December 17, 2019
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The ARKIHAUS smart home.

All ARKIHAUS houses are designed to be automated, since we are convinced that home automation is one of the keys to the ecological and energy efficient house. We design with integrated home automation to improve the habitability and comfort of spaces, increasing security and promoting energy and money savings.

After an extensive study and testing of the home automation systems available on the market today, the ARKIHAUS team has adopted a mixed combination of systems that revolve around the FIBARO system, considering it a mature, innovative and structured product of quality support as added value.

The FIBARO system, adopted by ARKIHAUS for its products

However, home automation kits designed for our homes are optional, scalable and combinable. You decide when and at what level of automation you want to equip your home, based on your needs and budget.

We have defined three levels of automation for ARKIHAUS homes:

Home Automation Level 1
Non-dimming lights, basic security, audio / video (2 zones), voice control and access control.

Home Automation Level 2
Dimmed lights, extended security 1, audio / video (3 zones), voice control, access control, automated blinds, automated chimney, air conditioning and wheater station.

Home Automation Level 3
RGB lights, extended security 2, audio / video (6 zones), voice control, access control, automated shutters, automated fireplace, air conditioning, wheater station, garden care smart system, utility monitoring, energy saving, air purification , automated toilets, automated maintenance.

And the security?

Security is the most valuable thing we can offer ourselves and our loved ones. When our house is safe, we can enjoy the time we spend with family, develop our hobbies and rest.

ARKIHAUS houses allow you to ensure that there is no reason to worry about your safety and to be able to sleep peacefully.

ARKIHAUS homes have the following optional safety kits:
  1) Basic Security.
  2) Extended Security 1.
  3) Extended Security 2.

Simple and fast management of the security system.

  • Integration of the entire alarm system.
  • House protected with one click.
  • Remote access to video surveillance.
  • Remote opening of the entrance door and access for trusted people with personalized PIN.
  • Automatic call to security services.
  • Geolocation of family members which shoots pre-programmed scenes according to the desired behavior of the house.
  • When a movement is detected, you will receive a notification with recording that will allow you to verify if there are reasons to worry.
  • Sound and visual system that informs our neighbors that there is an ongoing security event.
  • Reduction of the intervention of the security company in case of false alarms.
  • Smoke detector integrated into the fire prevention system.
  • Integrated water leak detector to prevent damage from water leaks. The sensor when detecting water in unwanted sites, will notify you and send a signal to the solenoid valve to disconnect the water supply, which will minimize the consequences of the leak.
  • The integrated CO sensor that recognizes carbon monoxide will notify you of its dangerously high concentration in the air, while opening the windows and activating ventilation.

Control and saving of energy consumption.

To facilitate energy saving and low resource consumption, ARKIHAUS houses equipped with optional home automation kits intelligently manage air conditioning, lighting, hot water, sanitary appliances, irrigation, etc., taking better advantage of natural resources and reducing optimally the energy consumption bill. In addition, from the monitoring of energy consumption, the information needed to modify habits and increase family savings is captured.

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