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Light Automation Ideas

Lights are the most common used smart products, they cheap to buy and easy to implement in your house. Everybody knows the standard light automation (turning your lights on when it gets dark or when you get home). But I gather some light-related home automation ideas that you will find interesting:

1. Increase your sleep quality with a smart wake-up light

You have probably heard of the Philips Wake up light that slowly starts getting brighter before your alarm goes off. With a smart light, you can make this really easy your self. Al you need is a dimmable smart light or Philips Hue light and let it gradually increases before your wake up time.

If you can place a Smart Light Bulb you can also use a smart dimmer switch to control your lights. With this wake-up light, your sleep habits will increase and you will feel more rested.

2. Dimming the lights around bedtime

If you implement the wake-up light, then you should also consider dimming the lights in your house around bedtime. Dimming the lights slowly will help your body get into sleep modus. Again al you need is smart light bulbs or a smart dimmer switch to control multiple lights at once.

3. Let your kids know it’s still bedtime

Parents with little kids will know, they get out of bed way too early. But you can solve this really easy with an RGB Smart Light. Just turn the light red between 4 am and 7 am and let it glow green between 7 am and 9 am. The kids will know when it’s ok to get out of bed and not waking up the whole house way too early.

4. Turning lights of when there is no motion

Now, this is something you won’t use in the living room but works really well in a basement or garage. We all forget to turn lights off in those kinds of rooms. But with a motion sensor, you can turn the light automatically off when there is no motion detected for 5 or 10 minutes.

5. Automated bathroom or hallway nightlights

We all need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night sometime. And I really hate it when I step in the bathroom to turn does bright lights on. With a motion sensor or door sensor, you can make this nightly exercise a lot more pleasant. At night the hallway or bathroom light turn dimmed on so it won’t blind you. And in the morning during the normal activities, the light will just turn bright as you are used to.

To set this up you will need a motion sensor and a smart light or smart light switch. When the motion sensor triggers after 11 pm, the light bulb will turn on at 1% power. When there is no motion detected anymore, the light can turn off.

6. Turning lights of but keep a night light for 5 min

This is one where I am really happy with. When I turn the lights off (well I ask Homey to turn the lights off), I keep the hallway light on for 10 minutes. This way you can find your way through the house. As a fun detail, Homey has a led ring, which I led glow bright white for 5 minutes in case I forgot something from the living room.

7. Turn kitchen light on based on motion

If you have little kids as I do, you probably get out of the bed in the middle of the night to make a bottle. What really made this nightly exercise a lot easier was turning some of the lights in the kitchen dimmed on based on motion.

You can use the same motion sensor for this as you use for your security system, just create a routine based on if somebody is home, and the time is between 11 pm and 6 am.  Make sure your motion sensor isn’t set to sensitive if you have pets walking around.

8. Turn light blue when it’s about to rain

With Alexa or Google Home in your living room, you won’t always hear them. So to warn you that it’s about to rain you can turn some of the lights throughout the house blue. This way you get alerted that is about to rain and you have time to get wash inside or to put the top on your convertible.


From: lazyadmin.nl