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Monolithic structural EPS panels revolutionize construction around the world

For some years now, EPS monolithic structural panels burst onto the construction market to constitute today one of the first options in terms of construction techniques when it comes to carrying out large-scale projects as well as multi-family and single-family build projects.

We at ARKIHAUS, despite proposing to our clients both enclosure options (the traditional one and that of monolithic panels), we believe that the use of monolithic structural EPS panels (or 3D panels) is a more economical, more ecological, more efficient and with less waste than the traditional option, which is why it is the first option we propose.

This constructive technology is made up of EPS plates linked to electro-welded high-resistance steel meshes joined together by connectors that cross the plate in the amount appropriate to the function assigned to the panel. The panels, together with the sprayed concrete, are transformed into a continuous structure with great bearing capacity. Steel and concrete complete the set in a combination that, under each of the fields of analysis, responds with an incomparable solvency compared to the benefits offered by conventional alternatives in the industry.

But isn’t traditional construction better?

The trends in the use of construction and material techniques have historically been different in each country, depending on the reality of each environment. The Nordic countries have tended to use wood and light materials to make their constructions while in Latin America the use of materials such as block, brick and cement has been more widespread. However, at present, both in first world and third world countries, the use of monolithic structural EPS panels in construction of all kinds has become widespread. Why? Because they come to solve a number of problems and weaknesses that traditional construction techniques had and provide resistant and lasting results over time in the face of events such as: earthquakes, fire, hurricanes, inclement weather, humidity and a long etcetera.

See how a conventional construction behaves in the face of an earthquake simulation. The construction industry worldwide invests many resources in research of new materials.
The use of monolithic panels has spread throughout the world

Advantages of using EPS monolithic structural panels in your ARKIHAUS home.

Innova model of ARKIHAUS
Advantage model of ARKIHAUS

Below we list the advantages of using this technology in your ARKIHAUS home:

  • EXCELLENT THERMAL INSULATION. EPS cores ensure thermal insulation far superior to traditional construction systems without additional costs.
  • IT IS INTEGRAL. Solve the masonry, structure and thermal insulation with the same panel.
  • LOWER NEED FOR EXCAVATIONS. As the resulting structure is very light, it simplifies and makes the foundations process cheaper.
  • VERY LOW MAINTENANCE. The need for maintenance is significantly reduced compared to other materials.
  • GREATER INTERIOR COMFORT. Achieve pleasant indoor temperatures throughout the year, reducing energy consumption by up to 70%.
  • RESISTANT TO SISMS. Great resistance to eventual horizontal forces such as wind and earthquake. Complies with the Colombian Regulation of Construction Earthquake Resistant (NSR-10).
  • RESISTANCE TO THE DISSEMINATION OF WATER VAPOR. Thanks to continuous thermal insulation without thermal bridges, it avoids the risk of internal condensation.
  • GREATER ECONOMY IN COSTS. With a shorter lead time, achieving savings of up to 20% in direct costs compared to traditional construction.
  • IT’S VERSATILE. It allows to efficiently carry out ARKIHAUS house designs.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT. Great shock and impact absorption capacity.
  • ABSENCE OF ASCENDING MOISTURE. No ascents of moisture from the foundations, even in cases of surface water tables.
  • HIGHER EXECUTION SPEED. Ensures a saving of up to 50% of time with production levels and productivity unthinkable in other technologies.
  • GREATER STRUCTURAL CAPACITY. Achieve a very solid home.
  • SECURE THE BEST CONSTRUCTION QUALITY. With greater durability, solidity and low maintenance. Continuous thermal insulation without pathologies.
  • BIOLOGICALLY NEUTRAL. Absence of holes in the walls preventing the development of insect colonies inside.
In the United States, the change has been taking place for many years

At present the use of monolithic structural EPS panels in the Colombian market is widespread and there are several factories that produce the material in the country with excellent quality and technical support.

We highlight the thermal insulating capacity of EPS as a carrier of this property to technology, which makes it an unsurpassed material as a material for the construction of comfortable and efficient houses and enclosures.

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