In Arkihaus we have solved the basic problem of the homes of these times:

We have developed a modular house with construction techniques and technologies that allow the reduction of its environment impact, in a harmonized way with high aesthetic architectural designs and improvements in the comfort and health of its inhabitants. The modular structure of our houses always adapt to the needs and budgets of our customers.

To achieve this we incorporate the following aspects to our homes:

Comfortable modular architecture with high aesthetic value.

It is our responsibility in ARKIHAUS as architects and builders to break the paradigm that afirm: “architecture of high aesthetic value is unpayable for most people”. We give superior value to creativity as a tool to bring well-thought out constructive solutions to our clients, becoming an opportunity for them to think big.

For ARKIHAUS it is a goal to design healthy and safe spaces that ensure the necessary living conditions. We incorporate anthropometry and ergonomics knowledge into our products to ensure comfortable and beautiful spaces in our constructions. We believe in the application of design criteria to ensure a harmonious relationship between light, spaces, ventilation, volumes and the surrounding nature, to promote the pleasure and health of the inhabitants.
Our house models are based on modules, which allows our clients to configure their house based on their needs and budget. Once your house is built, it allows you to grow by attaching modules according to your future needs.

High thermal and structural efficiency.

The ARKIHAUS houses have much higher insulation values ​​than those achieved by conventional constructions, to achieve high energy efficiency, regardless it is built in hot or cold weather. The specifications we use for design and construction seek thermal efficiency, ecologically speaking. For this purpose our homes have superior insulation in floors, walls and ceilings. The walls and foundation slabs also have high insulation with the walls of the living space. All this in order to have a positive impact on the rational use of energy in the home, a low environmental impact and low economic cost in the use of housing.

We use a constructive technology that consists of an anti-seismic metal structure with two options for enclosures: 1) With enclosure of structural monolithic panels formed by an insulating EPS core and high-strength steel meshes. The panels, together with the projected concrete, are transformed into a continuous structure of great thermal acoustic insulating capacity. 2) With enclosure of blocks covered with a layer of great thermal acoustic insulating capacity.

Additionally, in doors and windows, the ARKIHAUS houses have three (3) enclosure levels to choose based on the thermo/acoustic efficiency that each option presents. The selection of these options has been made taking into account the tightness factor of the elements that make up each kit.

What do we achieve with the combination of these technologies?
These technologies ensure thermal insulation far superior to traditional construction systems.
We achieve pleasant indoor temperatures (cold or hot) throughout the year, reducing energy consumption by up to 70%.
Great resistance to eventual horizontal forces such as wind and earthquake.
Gracias al aislamiento térmico continuo, evita el riesgo de condensaciones interiores.
The combination of EPS and concrete (with different densities) gives the walls an efficient acoustic behavior against external or internal noise.
No ascents of moisture from the foundations, even in cases of surface water tables.
A very solid house is achieved.
With greater durability, solidity and low maintenance. Continuous thermal insulation.
High fire resistance.

Home automation integrated in the design.

All ARKIHAUS houses are designed to be automated by default. We are convinced that home automation is one of the keys of the ecological and energy efficient house. We design with integrated home automation to improve the habitability and comfort of spaces, increasing security and promoting energy and money savings.

However, home automation kits designed for our homes are optional, scalable and combinable. You decide when and the automation level of your home, based on your needs and budget.

Manage your home from wherever you are

We have defined three levels of automation for the ARKIHAUS houses:

Home Automation Level 1
Non-dimming lights, basic security, audio/video (2 zones), voice control and access control.

Home Automation Level 2
Dimmed lights, extended security 1, audio/video (3 zones), voice control, access control, automated windows, automated fireplace, air conditioning and wheater station.

Home Automation Level 3
RGB lights, extended security 2, audio/video (6 zones), voice control, access control, automated windows, automated fireplace, air conditioning, wheater station, garden care smart system, public services monitoring, energy saving, air purification , automated toilets, automated maintenance.

Security from A to Z.

Security is the most valuable thing we can offer ourselves and our loved ones. When our house is safe, we can enjoy the time we spend with family, develop our hobbies and rest.

The ARKIHAUS houses allow you to ensure that there is no reason to worry about your safety and to be able to sleep peacefully.

ARKIHAUS houses have the following optional safety kits:
1) Basic Security.
2) Extended Security 1.
3) Extended Security 2.

Simple and fast security system management.

- Integration of the entire alarm system.
- House protected with one click.
- Remote access to video surveillance.
- Remote opening entrance door and access for trusted people with personalized PIN.
- Automatic call to security services.
- Geolocation of family members which shoots pre-programmed scenes according to the desired behavior of the house.
- When a movement is detected, you will receive a notification with recording that will allow you to verify if there are reasons to worry.
- Sound and visual system that informs our neighbors that there is an ongoing security event.
- Reduction of the intervention of the security company in case of false alarms.
- Smoke detector integrated into the fire prevention system.
- Integrated water leak detector to prevent damage from water leaks. The sensor when detecting water in unwanted sites, will notify you and send a signal to the solenoid valve to disconnect the water supply, which will minimize the consequences of the leak.
- The integrated CO sensor that recognizes carbon monoxide will notify you of its dangerously high concentration in the air, while opening the windows and activating ventilation.

Control and saving of energy consumption.

To facilitate energy saving and low resource consumption, the ARKIHAUS houses are equipped with the optional home automation kits intelligently manage air conditioning, lighting, hot water, sanitation, appliances, irrigation, etc., taking advantage of better natural resources and optimally reducing the energy consumption bill. In addition, the monitoring of energy consumption system capture information needed to modify habits and increase family savings.

Self-production of clean energy.

In ARKIHAUS we are aware that electric power and domestic gas are very important services for the home, however, they are the elements that contribute most to the carbon footprint of a standard home.

We further consider that equipping the home with an alternative energy installation must be a profitable investment, economically speaking, in addition to allowing it to have a more reliable and secure energy system.
The installation of alternative energy generation systems are part of our optional equipment kits for ARKIHAUS houses.

In ARKIHAUS we advise you so that you can select the optional alternative energy kit that suits your reality and budget. Additionally we take care of the installation of the system, warranty coverage and after-sales service, so you can enjoy a renewable, unlimited, clean energy source that does not produce carbon emissions.

Rainwater and greywater recycling.

The ARKIHAUS houses with the optional rainwater collection and reuse kit allows rainwater to be treated and stored in a retention tank for later distribution through a special recycled water pipe , non-potable, to be used in toilets, garden irrigation and cleaning, which means recycling and saving this valuable resource.
This system can be complemented with the optional gray water treatment and re-use kit (from sinks, bathtubs, showers and washing machines) which increases the system's water recycling capacity and contributes to increasing water savings.

These technologies are capable of reducing the demand for water in percentages that sometimes exceed 50% of the needs of a family.