Be present in the construction process
of your ARKIHAUS house

Investing in your house, your home, is one of life's great projects and involves a economic effort and personal/family planning. For that reason ARKIHAUS offers you the ultimate technology so you can be calm and safe during the process.

Receive and approve estimates.

Review and electronically sign the construction contract for your home, the warranty contract, the after-sales service contract and the module house extension contract, among others.

Receive invoices and keep track of your payments.

See the detailed planning of the construction of your ARKIHAUS house.

Track the progress of your real estate investment in real time and interact with the ARKIHAUS team.

Read the inspections in detail.

Take control and manage the after-sale warranty of your home.

Receive after-sales support.

Keep track of the preventive maintenance of your home.

Through the Virtual Production Suite (VCS), ARKIHAUS allows you to be present in the entire construction process of your real estate investment, from wherever you are, through a PC / Mac computer or an Android / IOs mobile phone. The VCS is a powerful tool that allows you to be aware of the entire process of building your home, from pre-sale stage until after your home is finished, to receive after-sales service and maintenance.

The VCS is available for Android devices and IOs devices.

Also is available for PC / Apple computers in the following button.

In the following images some screenshots of details of the Virtual Construction Suite: