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October 27, 2020
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November 26, 2020
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Which is better, build my ARKIHAUS home or buy a ready-made house?

A house is one of the main investments made throughout life, and it mixes a diverse amount of doubts, emotions and feelings. Additionally, the budget is decisive to make a decision. While the planning of this project is carried out, it is very common for our customers to ask themselves the big question: What is better, to buy a house made or to build a house with the ARKIHAUS proposal? The answer goes beyond the financial realm.

The point of this article is not to sell you an ARKIHAUS home at all costs. We know the product we offer and its advantages, however we also know that entering a constructive process is not for all characters. Since waiting for the build of your ARKIHAUS home to be ready and making decisions about what that home will be like in spaces, finishes and amenities is not for everyone.

This article aims to communicate clearly and objectively what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two options (build or buy done) in order to contribute to a detailed and mature analysis that we recommend you do before making a decision.

Before starting the differential points of each option, it is important that you know that the search periods, option analysis, selection, negotiation and purchase procedures are practically the same in both options, so these points will not be part of our analysis.

Buy a home made, new or used.


  • You can have your house in short time and enjoy it once you buy it. That is the great advantage, so if you are one of the people who requires immediate results to your project of buying a house, this is definitely your option.


  • Design not adapted to needs and wishes.
  • You will not be able to decide exactly where to live, since it is often the case that the ideal land does not have the ideal house and vice versa.
  • It is very likely that after buying the home you will find yourself in need of a remodeling to “adapt” the home to your needs and wishes. (It is more expenses and must be taken into account as part of the cost of the house since remodeling is usually more expensive to build).
  • Hidden defects.You should know that hidden defects or defects in a home that cannot be seen with the eyes can exist in both new and used homes, where it is more common. These defects can be due to errors made at the time of construction, poor maintenance, project failures or the use of non-optimal materials, and appear over the years. In the case of new homes, already built, it usually happens that the construction criteria per business is more important than the quality criteria. And in both cases (new or used) we refer to the quality of what you do not see.
  • Many times you are looking for a house that you have in your imagination and are not in the already built houses market. It’s a grueling process that usually ends with unconvincing purchase decisions.

Contract the construction of an ARKIHAUS home.


  • Main advantage that this process provides: freedom of decision, having what I want, how I want it, where I want it at the price I want it. With our construction system you decide the land where you want your future home, decide the type of house you want, decide the finishes, decide the functional units and their size, as well as the optional accessories you want for your home. And most importantly, decide the cost based on your budget. In short: The freedom of choice of materials and components.
  • Building from scratch avoids hidden defects problems. You will be a daily witness (through the Virtual Construction Suite – VCS) of how your house is built, from the foundations, in addition to having a detailed photographic memory of each element of your project, which adds value to your real estate investment.
  • Comparing homes of equal footage and architectural value, the option of build your ARKIHAUS home is definitely cheaper.
  • Future savings. ARKIHAUS homes are ecological and have future savings in the use of the property due to low energy consumption.
  • There are no surprises, our prices are closed, you will know the total cost of your home without surprises, without hidden costs or additional expenses not considered in your project.
  • Known construction times. We build your ARKIHAUS home in 6 months after the authorities grant the construction permit for your project.


  • Delivery is not immediate, you have to wait 6 months of build process.
  • You will need to Process the construction permits (time and cost).
  • The ideal land must be found for the build of the project. (Time and effort).


When asked if it is better to buy a house or build it, there is no single or definitive answer. As with all real estate transactions, the solution may depend on a number of personal and financial factors.

Definitely, speaking of the financial issue, the savings of building a house can be between 10% and 30% compared to buying a house built, new or used. (Always comparing houses of the same category).

The decision will finally be one that, based on the financial analysis and the different variables related to the property, determines the best option for each person or family.