Smart +a Model

The Smart +a Model is a one-story housing unit, with an integrated social area of ​​height and a half. It is configurable in sizes from 140 mt2 to 225 mts2.

- A Configuration (Standard):
2 Rooms; 2.5 bathrooms (186 mt2 +106 mt2 exterior)
- B Configuration:
1 Room; 1.5 bathrooms (140 mt2 + 79 mt2 exterior)
- C Configuration:
3 Rooms; 3.5 bathrooms (225 mt2 + 116 mt2 exterior)

Nota importante: The outdoor footage is conditioned to the land topology..

Below is a gallery of descriptive images of the Smart +a Model.

In its standard configuration of 310 mts2, the Smart +a Model have:
- Social area of a height and a half that integrate the living room, the dining room, a studio with a view of the facade and the kitchen.
- Social bathroom.
- Clothes room.
- Master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room.
- Alcove with private bathroom.
- Deck integrated into the social area.
- Grill integrated to the deck.
- Fireplace integrated to the social area. (Conditional on the temperature of the construction site and the customer's desire).
- Parking for 2 cars.
- Deposit.

Like all ARKIHAUS houses, the Smart +a Model can be configured with our finishing and appliances kits , which can be combined as you wish, according to your needs and budget.

The Smart +a Model has the following additional options:
- Home automation kits, levels 1, 2 or 3.
- Solar energy kit.
- Rainwater and gray water recycling kit.
- Termal floors Kit.
- Extended deck.
- Water fountain at the main entrance.
- Pool.
- Jacuzzi.
- Roof for parking.
- Architectural lighting design.
- Landscape design in green areas..