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January 21, 2021
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February 17, 2021
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Your new house in Colombia, in 6 months, with innovative design, eco-smart, out of town, at an affordable cost.

What was a necessity before the pandemic, living within big cities, is now being widely questioned. We collectively realized that it is absurd to waste much of the day in traffic, noise, and pollution to gain access to work. We realized that living on the outskirts of large cities is possible, in larger spaces, with access to quality gardens and recreation, next to our families, without losing effectiveness at work. We even realized that we can be more effective working from home, especially if we have the adequate space to do it, which is an expensive thing to have in big cities.

The companies realized that they can have more effective, happy employees and lower fixed costs by not needing large offices to have all the staff working together. The new era of remote working begins fully from now on, where we only need to go to face-to-face meetings 1 or 2 times a week at most.

We are realizing that in this state of alarm (the pandemic) there are two types of inhabitants: those who have a patio or a large terrace and those who must take half their bodies out of their windows to notice fresh air on their faces. and, if you are lucky, some sun.

Being confined 24 hours a day in our houses has made us live with them, meet them not only to eat, sleep and watch TV for a while before sleeping. In a short time our houses has become a home, workplace, leisure area and playground. Perhaps the time has come to reflect on what type of housing to have to improve our lives.

It is in these moments to have a reliable ally as ARKIHAUS is key. Why?

Although it is true that the times to come forces us to consider leaving urban areas, it is also true that we cannot leave at any cost or anywhere. We must ensure that the haste caused by the situation does not make us make decisions that later have a significant impact on our heritage and our quality of life.

We can reconcile the haste to leave the cities with the need that this step means a substantial improvement in the quality of life of us and our family and an increase in the quality of our heritage. How?

Your house, with land, in 6 months can be a reality.

At ARKIHAUS we propose you the following offer:

  • Your house with stratum 6 finishes, adapted to your needs and budget.
  • We procure a land according to your life expectations, in your preferred location, with the characteristics and desired price.
  • We build your house in 6 months.
  • If it is your wish, we can get you a house rental according to your budget near the construction of your new house, so that you can leave the city with your family immediately.

Behind the doors of the homes, the confinement made families rethink the value of green spaces on a day-to-day basis.

Real Estate Agent

ARKIHAUS products are more valid than ever as a housing solution, due to the design of the spaces in our houses, the ecological nature of their construction and the ecological nature of inhabiting them, due to the low construction costs and the comfort of the spaces.


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