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Architectural trends for 2020

In ARKIHAUS we have developed housing units that make use of new trends in construction and architecture worldwide, to build homes of high aesthetic value accessible in price and with low impact on the environment.

Sustainable development and sustainable architecture are two shared aspects of the trends that are still in demand in architecture by 2020, because society due to the environmental damage that has been visible in different parts of the world has decided to adopt a commitment to environment and therefore, architectural trends have also done so.

In this sense, in ARKIHAUS we have made common the use of ambient low impact materials, houses that are efficient in their energy consumption, infrastructures that seek to self-produce their energy and facilities that at all times seek not to damage the planet.

Next we will see how the ARKIHAUS housing proposal is not a creative whim, our proposal advances with the world trends of the architecture of 2020. For this second decade of the millennium new architectural trends have emerged and great aesthetic changes are projected for the future.

1.- The Industrial Style will now also apply in housing architecture

It is defined by asymmetric forms in construction, both in residential buildings and in other urban infrastructures. It is characterized by the combination of iron, wood, aluminum, which makes the construction cheaper.

2.- Open and multi-purpose spaces

The social area of the ARKIHAUS House integrates the kitchen, dining room, living room and deck

The bet now is to integrate different areas of the house to create open, simple and crystalline environments, because with this option a more profitable space is achieved in the house room with the elimination of internal partitions and divisions.

Detail of integration of the kitchen in the social area, INNOVA model of ARKIHAUS

The integration of the kitchen and the living room is the most common, but you can also choose to join the living room with the terrace.

3.- The kitchen is the protagonist

The kitchen by tradition has been the space that is most enjoyed as a family and therefore has a significant value for all family members and for guests to the house, so it becomes a central space of the social area, much more spacious and with more light.

4.- The bathroom will be one of the best trends because it will be made to relax you

The bathroom will cease to be a space for personal hygiene, now it will be a space to relax after a tiring day with a shower that can relieve tension and this will help the design.

The new trends in bathrooms are committed to coatings in very light or white colors, with tiles that facilitate cleaning and transmit calm and serenity.

5.- The new minimalism

ARKIHAUS INNOVA model facade

The tendency is to use quality materials to guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation that will have an economic saving and an environmental benefit.

The tendency to minimalism in architecture translates into a proposal for simple forms using modern and avant-garde materials.