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March 5, 2020
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Trends in 20-21 of ceramic surfaces by OTH

The Observatorio de Tendencias del Hábitat (OTH) is dedicated to studying the changes in the habitat and identifying the main trends in design within the contemporary home, taking into account, in addition, what happens in the market and in the socio-cultural environment. In this way, through the management of the OTH, it allows the ARKIHAUS team to have a more global vision on different aspects related to our architectural and construction work, which allows us to work with adequate and updated information for the changes that are They produce in the environment.

Recently the OTH released the report “Ceramic trends 20-21” which for this report tells us that the use of ceramics in the architectural environment are strongly influenced by sustainability. Thus, as we have appreciated in the different design fairs of this year, an intense concern is given for everything that involves sustainable development. In the most innovative material fairs, such as London Design Festival or Dutch Design Week, products designed from the point of view of the Circular Economy were presented. Circular economy is a strategy that aims to reduce both the entry of virgin materials and the production of waste, closing the “loops” or economic and ecological flows of resources.

What stands out in the report are the use of sustainable materials: reused plastics, biomaterials, natural wastes and new compounds, as well as emerging technology such as recycled plastics printed in 3D.

The surfaces show a more material and honest side, sometimes resorting to crude: terracotta, wood faithful to its origin, natural fibers, textiles, natural beauty stones and even recovered cements.

The most sentimental and minimalist approach offer us sensory finishes, with a variety of reliefs and micro-reliefs that enhance well-being. The surfaces acquire a warmer concept making good use of color and tactile effect together with matt and porous finishes.

The decorative point in these trends is presented under the need to retake our roots, sometimes taken to an eccentric point.

Ceramics continues to value the small format, as well as the large High Tech sheets, entering as a good ally in interior design, contract and architecture projects.

Sustainability and well-being have become key considerations for the premium consumer. The allied marbles of luxury and sophistication are renewed and far from purely frivolous. Metals take on a more rusty character picking up a variety of gradient effects.

» This Report is a modest contribution so that strategic design is increasingly part of the differential value of our industry in the global market.».

Observatorio de Tendencias del Hábitat

To download the full report you can do it through the following link:

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