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December 12, 2019
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December 16, 2019
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Trends to decorate gardens in 2020

Previously, only the interiors of the houses were decorated and with it it was believed that everything was already completely finished, nothing could be further from reality, since the exteriors are also a fundamental part of the home and an opportunity for its integration with nature.

In this sense, we will show you in ARKIHAUS the best trends for 2020. Always, in all the examples, the objective is that the interior of the house and the garden can coexist harmoniously with each other, making them both interact.

It is not necessary to leave aside, the protagonism that has acquired the type of decoration feng shui and is that great amount of people following these styles and practices want to be able to have all this in their houses, and one of the best places to be placed is the garden, so you must integrate the pieces in the right way to live together.

That is why, what is reflected and reflected by millions of people and the projects that each of the designers have done worldwide are focused on giving a better breadth to your garden, the harmony necessary for all the spaces of the house to interact each other, and that this decoration is innovative fresh and above all very original.

It should be noted that the gardens completely decorated in a natural style come with great force, and that is that they contain furniture made of pure materials and that they contain simple lines, while at the same time the plants are composed of flowers, and also have paths and even garden stones that provide an atmosphere of tranquility.

The deck, a continuation of the social area of the home

For us at ARKIHAUS, the deck is of the utmost importance to prolong the social area of the home and integrate it into nature. It is for that reason that all our house models have a deck, as a central part of the design and as an opportunity to integrate nature into the life of the home.

ARKIHAUS Innova house model

Do you have a pool?

It should be mentioned that if you want a house with a wonderful pool, this will represent the starting point for decorating your garden, and that is that everything will start from that pool and everything corresponding to your garden furniture will depend on it, for This, everything must be resistant to moisture, and must be open spaces so that the sun can provide heat.

Minimalism is elegant

The decoration of gardens and minimalist patios usually looks elegant and very tasteful. Here the favorite colors will always be dark tones and of course the theme of lighting will be a detail that you should never forget. Trees with simple designs and full of style, will be the plants you must choose to develop the decoration of this space.

Small gardens

If you want your house in the urban space, it is usual for them to be small, but not unpleasant or lacking in taste.

It is the turn of knowing ideas to achieve the best decoration of gardens and small patios that will adapt perfectly to those houses. Here, the ideal will always be to include small plants in the decoration, add light tones on the walls to make the space look bigger and never saturate the small garden.

Vertical gardens

It is necessary to point out that the new proposals of decorations forget or neglect modern and completely elegant designs, nowadays they focus primarily on natural decorations and vertical type gardening is one of the most innovative in this style, with which all kinds of plants that simulate forests and forests are included or added. It is also an opportunity for the garden to start inside the home.