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January 20, 2020
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January 22, 2020
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An approach to color in architectural proposals

As producers of architectural and constructive solutions for contemporary life, at ARKIHAUS we don’t see color as an aesthetic cover, it’s more than that. The selection of colors should respond to deeper and more natural reasons.

We get some interesting videos, which are aligned with the color management we have developed in ARKIHAUS, and we want to share it with you. One is from “Design Workshop” who say they see the use of color as an ethos. (Ethos is a Greek word that means my “custom and conduct” and, from there, “conduct, character, personality.” It is the root of terms like ethics and ethology). It is always worth striving to use materials for their underlying, inherent texture, color and natural character.

color should…reinforce the concept
… reveal its composition
…color should explain
…it should be born of the site
…a place
…a geography
…a climate
…a culture

color should invoke an emotional response
…it should be warm…
…and advance
…or…be cool…
…and recede…
…color should be used with restraint
…and be materially honest
…it should highlight passage of time
…be bold…
…and instruct…
…or invite curiosity…
…color should comfort
…and always…defer to light.

Here is another interesting video that analyzes the importance of colors in architecture, with the following content:

  • 1:39 Understanding colours
  • 3:42 Colour harmonies
  • 4:10 Complementary colours
  • 6:47 Split complementary
  • 9:30 Analogous Colours
  • 11:25 Colors and their importance in creating moods
  • 15:36 Final tips