90% of Colombians prefer renewable energy
February 4, 2020
Evaluation of the economic feasibility of a solar energy installation in Colombia.
February 6, 2020
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A passive house disconnected from the power grid

In ARKIHAUS we are aware that electric power and domestic gas are very important services for the home, however, they are the elements that contribute most to the carbon footprint of a standard home.

Water Recycling System Detail

We further consider that equipping the home with an alternative energy facility must be a profitable investment, economically speaking, in addition to allowing it to have a more reliable and secure energy system.

Detail of the power reserve system

The passive house proposal is not exclusive to ARKIHAUS houses. The world is changing and there are countless success stories around the world, then a success story embodied in the Can Tanca house. Reality is being imposed worldwide and the costs of having a passive house are becoming cheaper every day.

A passive house does not sacrifice comfort

Visiting Can Tanca means opening the door to a house with maximum energy efficiency and that wants to be a reference for sustainable construction. It already has the Passivhau Premium certificate and aspires to BREEAM Excellent. It uses solar energy and is disconnected from the power grid. In addition, it recycles rainwater and is environmentally friendly.