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Advantages of an ARKIHAUS smart home.

In ARKIHAUS we are convinced that home automation is one of the keys of the ecological house and with energy efficiency. We design our products with integrated home automation to improve the habitability and comfort of spaces, increasing safety and promoting energy and money savings.

Every ARKIHAUS home is designed to be an intelligent and ecological home, from the architectural conception, definition of spaces and infrastructure. That means that your ARKIHAUS house has everything you need so that when you decide to turn it into a smart home you can incorporate the elements without any impact on your home. You will not have to break walls, or pass rails on the walls that compromise the aesthetics of your home. And most importantly, everything is already designed and built so that automation is integrated into the spaces, guaranteeing its optimal functionality. No experiments or unnecessary expenses.

Main control panel of ARKIHAUS homes

However, it is important to clarify that the “domotization” of ARKIHAUS products is optional. You decide if you want your home to be smart, you decide what degree of intelligence and automation you want to add to your home, decide the costs and decide when to do it.

The decision to opt for the ARKIHAUS home automation kits is the first and most important step, which will result in a lot of time saved, greater comfort of life and substantial savings in the use budget of your ARKIHAUS home.

As we have already mentioned in other articles, the home automation platform adopted by ARKIHAUS is based (not exclusively) on the very famous and renowned FIBARO platform.

ARKIHAUS INNOVA model facade

What determines the implementation of a smart home installation?

In a survey of people who adopted or wished to acquire the FIBARO smart home system, people stated that the most important problems that motivated or motivated the purchase are:

  • Convenience and savings (92%).
  • The improvement of the quality of life (88%).
  • The feeling of security (83%).

In contrast, those who do not have solutions for the smart home, but would like to have them, indicated as motivation:

  • Comfort (94%).
  • Savings (92%).
  • Feeling of security (92%).
  • In turn, the most important functions of a smart home according to them are: theft protection (63%) and heating control (60%).

The temperature control (hot / cold) and the cost of using your home.

You probably know some use cases on how to use the FIBARO smart temperature (cold / heat) controller in combination with a temperature sensor. Obviously, it is an ideal solution for heating stations (hot / cold). Replacing classic technologies with smart solutions will save up to 42% on annual heating costs (hot / cold). How? Actually, there are many examples out there. The simplest is to set the desired temperature in relation to the individual rooms. It is not necessary to maintain the same temperature in the hallway, bathroom or living room. We stayed in several rooms for a different period of time. Setting up a temperature automation in a given room with the ARKIHAUS smart home application optimizes heating costs (hot / cold). For example, in the case of ARKIHAUS homes for cold climates, the combination of the smart motion detector with the smart heat controller will automatically reduce the temperature in rooms where no one is present for longer. The motion detector has the function of detecting presence in a room, so for example when no one is in the room, it will also turn off the lights. It is advisable to turn off the light in rooms where no one is present, right?

ARKIHAUS homes Weather Station

What is the benefit of having motorized blinds? It is obvious that we try to reduce heat loss during cold weather or loss of cold during hot weather. Automatic blinds help to improve heating performance (hot / cold), especially in a specific scenario when leaving the house triggers a complex scene. A scene that turns off all the lights, turns off the heating (hot / cold) and closes the blinds to secure the whole house. It is worth mentioning that external blinds are an excellent insulator to minimize heat or cold loss. The ARKIHAUS smart home allows you to manage devices in many ways. Say a voice command to activate the voice assistant to perform certain activities for us. You can use the FIBARO Home Center application or make a hand gesture to activate any home automation. Swipe is one of the devices that translates gestures into real actions of the device and works very well. Multitude of possibilities to execute the “leave home” scene.

The control of electricity consumption.

ARKIHAUS Homes Energy Consumption Monitor Panel

The latest smart switch devices and sockets called Walli are the answer to our daily needs. One of its features is the power consumption monitor to monitor the devices. The surrounding LED ring changes color and signals the current energy consumption. In addition, the list of devices that consume more energy and a chart that shows some digits and estimates of the actual energy costs of the connected device give you a detailed view on how to manage appliances. The optimization of the housing budget can become an important saving factor. Imagine that all standby devices actually consume small pieces of energy; Now you can turn it off. Knowledge about the precise energy consumption means better equipment management (for example, multimedia or small appliances) and takes it one step ahead to save properly.

Making the unintelligent intelligent.

FIBARO Smart Implant

Smart Implant, which had its grand premiere at IFA Berlin, puts some intelligence on non-intelligent devices such as stoves, heat pumps, etc. If the smart implant is integrated with the humidity sensor and a weather station, it will allow programmed automation and, for example, start the sprinklers at the exact time. The best part is when it is not necessary to water the garden after the rain. You can set an exception that uses weather data from your location to find out if it makes sense to turn on sprinklers.

Fibaro Smart Plug

These savings examples are only a small part of how to benefit from the FIBARO / ARKIHAUS smart home. The smart home is also about increased security, unique living comfort, time savings and lots of good entertainment.

Cyber security is key to the ARKIHAUS home

Mobile devices and computers make our lives much easier, we can say that they are now a command center or a personal assistant. They free us from all tasks. However, because there is so much extremely important information and applications, such as banking, it is crucial to protect the devices against cybercriminals. FIBARO specialists fully understand the importance of safety. That is why they constantly work to guarantee the highest level of protection. For these reasons, FIBARO cooperates with the largest digital security providers.

Cooperation with Kaspersky

FIBARO constantly works as a team with the software security company Kaspersky to ensure the highest security of the home automation systems it manufactures.

We value the knowledge of Kaspersky experts, so we decided to cooperate with Kasperski. Audits performed by specialized teams in system security help identify any gaps. It must be remembered that the Internet of Things infrastructure is a system that must function smoothly in many layers of communication, maintaining the convenience of use, therefore, working on the development, improvement and security of the Fibaro system is a process continuous in which we include the best experts.

Bartłomiej Arcichowski, Member of the Fibaro board of directors
The FIBARO system adopted by ARKIHAUS is an open system

Finally, ARKIHAUS technical support guarantees that you do not have to be dealing with aspects that you do not understand and that you want to avoid. Your ARKIHAUS house will be delivered with the automation scenes that you need, after interviewing our technicians, for a comfortable life for the whole family, which implies safety, savings and a low impact on the environment.

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